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The state of Gujarat located in the Western part of India occupies a special status for its rich diversity of ecosystems and life forms. Bestowed with mountains, plains, forests, grasslands, wetlands, deserts and a very long coastline, Gujarat is adjudged as a haven for Eco-tourists. The state adorns a special status among Eco-tourists for its per-historic Dinosaur nesting sites in Balasinore, remains of Indus valley civilization at Dholavira and Lothal, heritage and cultural monuments and artifacts.

Over the years, Gujarat has attained a distinct status in the global Ecotourism map for the only remaining habitat for species like the Asiatic Lions and Wild Ass; matchless geographical features in the form of saline deserts of Kutch, the Marine National Park, Aravalli mountain ranges, etc.. The much appreciated avian diversity of Gujarat includes more than 500 species of birds against the total of 1238 species in the country (about 40%). The important bird species in Gujarat are Flamingos, Great Indian Bustard, Lesser Florican, Harriers, Cranes, Pelicans, Storks, Bulbuls, etc.

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  • 27 Jan 2013
    3rd Global Bird Watchers' Conference 2013...... + more
  • 27 Jan 2013
    3rd Global Bird Watchers' Conference 2013... + more
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