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Kaj - Nanavada Wetland Site

The Kaj wetland is a fresh water wetland near Kodinar seacoast and is situated 10 km east of Kodinar en-route to Diu-Somnath-Veraval-Gir tourism route.

The wetland has come in existence partly due to natural delta region of small rivers emerging from the Gir and meeting the Arabian Sea near Kodinar, and partly due to construction of earthen bund to store fresh river water and prevent inflow of seawater. During winter, large numbers of resident and migratory birds, including wetland birds congregate at this wetland.

The Bombay Natural History Society has listed this wetland as one of the important wetland and important Birds Conservation area. Eco-tourism committee of local people is proposed to be constituted, who will provide hospitality and boating/traveling services.

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  • Palanpur 45 km
  • Ahmedabad 178 km

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