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Pirotan Island

Pirotan Island

Of the 42 islands, the only ones that visitors are permitted to enter and explore are Pirotan Island, which is easier to access and therefore more popular, and Narala Island, which lacks infrastructure and can only be reached at certain times, when the tide is high enough.

The islands are uninhabited except for the workers at Pirotan Island’s lighthouse, so enjoy the solitude and use it as an opportunity to lose yourself to the wide world around you. Armed with a little knowledge, you can spend hours walking around the tidal flats at low tide, observing the fascinating marine life as it lies exposed from the receding waters. Some of the creatures, such as jellyfish, are best left untouched. Be sure to ask the park officers what others should be avoided, but don’t be afraid to have a hands on experience with the creatures that are open to it.

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How to Reach Here

You can take a boat from Bedi port or Nava port in Jamnagar, for which you should arrive an hour before high tide, and schedule a couple of hours travel in each direction. The tide time changes with the moon, so schedules vary seasonally. Ask locally about boat timings for the specific day you plan to go.

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